Tourist attractions

Prague is the biggest tourist attraction of our region. But it certainly is not the only one. Here we list a number of other places you will find near the camp, which you certainly should not miss out on.

1) Karlštejn castle: The seat of Czech kings. It is situated some 15 kilometres from the camp on
a hill overlooking the river Berounka. An ideal destination for a cycling trip. On the way to the castle
you can also stop at Velká Amerika, an abandoned flooded quarry with limpid water, situated near
the village of Mořina. (
2) Svatý Jan pod Skalou: A picturesque village near Karlštejn. Its main attractions include the
baroque church Narození sv. Jana Křtitele (John the Baptist) and the church of Panna Marie (Virgin
Mary) built on a rock towering above the village. (
3) Koněpruské jeskyně: The largest cave system in Bohemia. It is located some 10 kilometres
south-west of Karlštejn. The underground sightseeing route is approximately 2 kilometres long and
offers an entire range of unique stalactite and stalagmite structures and prehistoric items discovered
in the course of exploration.
4) Beroun: A royal town of Charles IV. In addition to admiring some interesting architecture, you can also visit the town’s gallery and Museum Českého krasu. The complex Městská hora with an outlook tower and a yard with three bears is attractive above all for families with children. Traditional pottery fairs take place every May and September. (
5) Křivoklát castle: An architectonic jewel located some 25 kilometres west of the camp. The castle
houses a permanent exhibition of Gothic art, a picture gallery and a display of torture instruments. (
6) Žebrák and Točník castles: Both castles are located not far from Křivoklát. Žebrák, built in the
13th century, was already in ruins when the king Václav IV built his royal stronghold Točník on the
opposite hill a century later. Each summer, a whole variety of cultural events is organised at Točník.
7) Nižbor: A village situated in the romantic valley of the river Berounka, dominated by a 13th century château. The château houses an information centre of Celtic culture as well as several exhibitions and art displays and offers various historic programmes (,, The Rückl Crystal a.s. glass factory located in the village produces famous handmade Czech crystal. Excursions take place every day from Monday through Friday from 8.30 to 9.30 and from 9.30 to 10.30 a.m., respectively.
8) Nenačovice: A small private glass factory is located in the village of Nenačovice. Visitors can
watch handmade glass production and purchase various products in a factory shop (open Monday -
Friday from 8 a.m. till 12 noon and from 1 p.m. till 6 p.m. on weekends).
9) Řepora: An open-air museum representing a medieval market-town situated some 3
kilometres from the camp. Weekend culture programmes offer displays of period arts, music, etc.