Connection to Prague

There are four quick, cheap and comfortable ways how to get to center of Prague:

Bus-Metro (35-40min): Walk about 200 m to the bus stop in the village. Take bus no. 179 to station LUKA. From LUKA take metro line B (yellow color) to the centre of Prague (MUSTEK, NAMESTI REPUBLIKY).

Car - Metro (35 min): This is the fastest method of transport. Of course, you must be careful when parking. Theft occurs relatively frequently, and therefore I recommend protected car parks. You can drive to Zlicin or Stodulky (around 5 min.) and then take metro line B to the center.

Walk - Metro (50 min): This options suitable for everyone, and is not in any way physically demanding or time consuming. I particularly recommend it for nature lovers, romantics, and those that missed the bus. You can walk to Stodulky or Zlícin in about 20 minutes and then continue on Metro B, as in options 1 and 2.

Car-Taxi (20-40 min): Traveling time, depending on the level of traffic, is between 20 and 45 minutes. If you take your own car you may well have problems finding a place to park. I recommend protected car parks.

After midnight: The last metro (subway, tube) from the city goes around midnight and first metro in the morning about half past 4. However it is still possible to get back to Drusus if you are not feeling like partying till the dawn. Take almost any night Tram from the city centre to the station Anděl. (Trams no. 52, 54, 58). At the Anděl station change for night bus no. 508. This bus will take you to the station Stodůlky. From there either walk for about 20 minutes or take taxi. It should be much cheaper than if you take taxi from the centre of the town.

Main Railway station or Ruzyne International Airport:
1) Main Train Station (Praha Hlavní nádraží): First take subway line C (red colour) right form the train station. Go to the station Florenc. Here change for metro line B (yellow colour) and go to the station Luka. There you can take bus no. 179 direction to Třebonice. Travel all the way to the bus final stop. Shortly before bus arrives to the village, you should see Drusus on the right side of the road. The whole journey should not take more than one hour. Bus stop is just 200 metres from the camping gate.

2) Prague Airport (Letiště Ruzyně):
You gonna need some valuable Czech currency, so have your cards ready. First buy bus tickets in the Airport kiosk. Than take Bus no. 100 (the bus stop is right in front of the main airport building). The bus will take you in 15 minutes to the metro station Zlicin. From there you can either walk about 15 minutes through the fields to Drusus or take metro line B two stations to the station Luka and from there take bus no. 179 to the camping.

(Point on the markers on the map with your mouse to see details. You can also change the size of the map or move it to any direction to see other parts of city)